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Pyayt Phyo Aung (PPA)

We are proud to present original paintings from the "Thanaka" series by Pyayt Phyo Aung (PPA), a Burmese artist painting in Yangon. 

Thanaka (MLCTS: sa. nap hka:; pronounced: [θənəkʰá], also spelt thanakha) is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark. It is a distinctive feature of Myanmar (formerly Burma) seen commonly applied to the face and sometimes the arms of women and girls and to a lesser extent men and boys. - from wikipedia 

PPA graduated from the State School of Fine Art in Yangon in 2001 and has since taken part in several exhibitions and Group Art Shows both at home and abroad. His maiden solo show was in 2012.

This is the first time his work has been available for viewing - and sale - in Australia.


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