Named after Burma. Not Burmese.

Eclectic modern Australian food

From the same team as Melbourne’s favourite Asian fusion restaurant, Red Spice Road, we started as a pop-up event at the 2013 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Laneway event. Wanting to expand our wings beyond South East Asia, we ventured to the lightly explored Burma to satisfy our culinary wanderlust.

Just like Miley Cyrus went from saccharine-sweet Hannah Montana to a fierce wrecking ball of a twerking headline, we’ve grown up too. Burma Lane’s made a permanent home at Little Collins Street in the Melbourne CBD, and stretched beyond our Burmese inspiration to create a menu full of food as gloriously confounding as Burma - so the name is kinda perfect.

Why Burma Lane? Burma is the quintessential cultural melting pot.

It’s a complex and exciting country blending Buddhist culture, colonial influences and pan-Asian trade. With a turbulent past, it’s only just opening up to the rest of the world, so it’s a bit of a mystical unicorn of a place for most people.

At Burma Lane, we aim to recreate this same eclectic melting pot and undercurrent of energy with a creative and experimental menu that takes inspiration from the world to give diners a modern Australian dining experience unlike anything else in Melbourne.


Bringing the lane inside

Everyone loves exploring hidden laneway restaurants and street markets in Asia – but for Melbourne, we’ve brought the street vibe inside.


Inspiration through art

When you enter Burma Lane, you’ll be instantly wowed by the massive mural painted by the renowned street artist, Mike Eleven. As a master of the aerosol can, Mike’s the fastest painter you’ve ever seen – you’ve got to be when you’re used to running from the police ☺.


Engaging all your senses

The restaurant is filled with the sights, sounds and most importantly smells of the open kitchen, so you can spy on the chefs and feed off their energy.