Get ready for a blow-your-mind tastegasm

Culture clashes and flavour mashes

We’re mixing tastes, techniques and ingredients with one goal in sight – to make damn delicious food that’s not like anywhere else in Melbourne. There’s nothing White Australia about our food. Just like you’re not afraid to rock the double denim, we’re not afraid to blend east, west, and anything in between.

Sure, you could Netflix and chill with some takeaway. But life is short and adventure awaits. Let’s take your tastebuds on a journey to roads less travelled and new frontiers. So gather your posse, get ordering and share all that Burma Lane offers.

Quick bites, luxurious dinners and everything in between

Burma Lane’s menu is seasonal and changes regularly because familiarity breeds contempt. When you’re asking where to eat in Melbourne’s CBD for a drink with tasty snacks before hitting the town or for a feast to rival Henry VIII’s table with wines to match, Burma Lane has got you covered. And if you’ve got dietary requirements? No problem, just ask.


One bite wonders of delciousness

Shan tofu, smashed tomato, peanut, herb, radish, lime


Duck doughnut, shiitake, water chestnut, chilli cinnamon sugar, sour cherry


Coconut chicken betel leaf, pomelo, herbs, lime, seedless chilli


Tandoori octopus, spices, mashed potato


Beef brisket pie, green pea puree, vegemite gravy


Menu subject to change. Available daily from 5pm till late, with a reduced selection available during lunch service 12pm to 3pm each day.


Great for four people

Wagyu bacon cheeseburger spring rolls, tomato relish, pickles


Beetroot tartare, herbs, cashews, lemon, white pepper, wonton cracker


Smoked chicken wings, sesame, green onion


Gochujang & honey roasted salmon tacos, wombak, tomato, avocado, jalapeno


Prawn gazpacho, melody tomato, capsicum, cucumber, tom ka gai


Thai basil salt & pepper squid, bean sprout, black vinegar mayo slaw


Menu subject to change. Available daily from 5pm till late, with a reduced selection available during lunch service 12pm to 3pm each day.


Main sized portions where Asia meets the world

Crispy salmon red curry, mushrooms, Thai basil, coconut, edamame, black vinegar


Five spice pork belly, black pepper caramel, green apple, burnt chilli, herbs


Kung pao chicken, cauliflower, chow mein, green beans, capsicum, potato, peanut


Kung pau cauliflower, green beans, chow mein, sweet potato, chilli soy sauce


Slow cooked lamb shoulder, coconut, tomato, potato, Asian spices


Crispy skinned chicken green curry, apple eggplant, coconut, kaffir lime, sweet potato


Butternut squash steak, chickpeas, black rice, yogurt, chimichurri


Green tomato salad, cabbage, crunchy beans, fried garlic, lime


Nectarine salad, shallots, wombok, baby spinach, miso, yuzu


Menu subject to change. Available daily from 5pm till late, with a reduced selection available during lunch service 12pm to 3pm each day.

Tart it up

Where technique and flavour combine.

Lemongrass cheesecake, char-grilled candied pineapple, almond crumble


Tea time-chai pannacotta, China jasmine jelly, earl grey sorbet, milk gel, tea crumble


Chocolate & passionfruit sphere, coconut passionfruit jelly, raspberry tuile, lemon balm


Menu subject to change. Available from 12pm to 3pm and 5pm till late.

Feed Me Menus

We believe in a few things: tasty food, delicious wine, top notch service (sometimes with a smile) and easy decisions. Actually, life should be full of easy decisions – so just pick a menu and let us do the rest! These menus are a mix of customer favourites and our handsome chefs signature dishes… and of course we can cater for most dietaries. All our Feed me menus are designed for the table to share.

Goody Two Shoes Lunch

(3 dishes for those who want to be back at work nice and early)

The Linger Longer Lunch

(6 dishes available during lunch service)

The Roll Me Outta Here Lunch

(8 dishes, including dessert, available during lunch)

View Our Lunch Feed Me MenusWho Gives A Sip?

Add a glass of Pinot Noir or Pinot Gris for $9 when dining on any menu at lunch. Got a group? Have a bottle for $45!

Shut Up And Feed Me Dinner

(8 dishes including dessert)

Oh Wont You Stay, Just A Little Bit Longer

(10 dishes including dessert)

View Our Dinner Feed Me Menus

Drink me

Drinking a box of goon when you were 18 might have been fun, but the craptastic hangover wasn’t. So to help you enjoy a cheeky drink, without the cheap wine regret the next day, we’ve put together an award-winning wine list for you, as well as creative cocktails and local beers. And just like the food, our drinks menu is constantly updated so there’ll always be something new for you to try.